• OncoVAX cancer vaccine treatment injection syringe lying on white table during manufacturing process.

Preparation for first two injections:

Two vials of irradiated tumor cells are thawed on a heat block set at 36 – 38 °C. BCG is added to the cell suspension.

The dose is drawn into a 1cc syringe, packed on cold blocks and then transported to the physician or nurse for administration to the patient. The formulated dose has to be administered within four hours from the thawing of cells.

The treatment is administered on an “out-patient” basis.

Preparation for the last two injections:

The same procedure as the first two but without the TICE BCG.

The patient receives the first three vaccinations at weekly intervals beginning 28 to 35 days after surgery. The fourth and final vaccination takes place 6 months after surgery (Stage II colon cancer patients) or one month after the completion of chemotherapy (Stage III colon cancer patients).