Generating antibodies from human-derived B cells greatly increases the chances of finding antibody agents that could be used as therapeutics, for diagnostics or for vaccines.  Through our HuMabs program, Vaccinogen has access to billions of these cells with the ability to potentially produce monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs, including cancer immunotherapies and vaccines.

For Vaccinogen, the challenge is not how to generate vast amounts of B cell derived mAb drugs, but how to test their potential to find the one with a unique effect to create the next breakthrough cancer treatment. Vaccinogen believes developing effective immunological agents, such as HuMabs, requires flexible technology able to grasp the full-scope of our humoral and cell-mediated biological responses.

The DiCAST Solution

DiCAST (Direct Clone Analysis and Selection Technology) is a novel, next-generation, single-cell microtool platform designed to improve the speed and quality of early-stage drug discovery by enabling parallel analysis of millions of individual antibody secreting cells to determine immunologic information and optimal targets for further development. 

The DiCAST platform includes three highly specialized components:

  1. Flexible assay functionality for direct and unbiased single cell analysis of millions of antibody producing clones in sub-nanolitre volume bio-incubation chambers
  2. Real-time data visualization and proprietary convergent computation software that integrates multiple analytical datasets and identifies the cells of greatest interest
  3. A highly engineered, custom built high precision recovery system that allows for individual target acquisition while preserving biological material integrity

Laboratory results have demonstrated that DiCAST can analyze over 35,000 times more samples per test iteration than traditional methods and can identify new immunological components with improved performance that previously could not be identified using traditional approaches.

The Vaccinogen Opportunity

Vaccinogen intends to utilize DiCAST to expand and significantly accelerate the Company’s HuMab program by identifying immunologically relevant data from the biological samples to develop safe and effective cancer vaccines and immunotherapies.  Doing so, DiCAST will potentially enable Vaccinogen to:

  1. Increase success probability of finding rare and exceptional HuMabs
  2. Reduce the time from initial screen to lead HuMab candidate selection
  3. Reduce discovery costs and improve pipeline quality
  4. Move future products up the value chain more quickly

Nature has the ability to create powerful immunological tools to solve current clinical challenges; DiCAST provides a novel systems engineering solution to identify and exploit these diverse agents.

Vaccinogen's Director of In Vitro Assay Development–Dr. Paul Leonard–is the lead inventor of DiCAST