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Our immune systems are a complex collection of cells and proteins which protect us from invaders on a daily basis. In most cases, these invaders are foreign (i.e. bacteria, viruses, etc). However, they can also be domestic, as previously healthy cells can transform into malignant, invasive disease. We have known for some time that long-term immune suppression leads to an increased risk of cancer. Thus, we clearly have a natural, innate ability to recognize and destroy most cancerous challenges. Active Specific Immunotherapy (ASI), the collective vaccine group to which OncoVAX® belongs, further employs this powerful tool to solve the issues sometimes missed by the immune system.

Every tumor in every patient has a unique set of mutations and genetic alterations. This means that “off-the-shelf” treatments, such as one drug or a vaccine constructed with a handful of tools, will not adequately address every tumor. The treatment for every patient must start with that specific patient.