• Jason D. Howard, Vaccinogen Director of Epitope-Based Vaccine Project

Director of Epitope-Based Vaccine Project

Jason D. Howard, Ph.D., an expert in targeted drug therapy research, is Director of the Epitope-Based Vaccine Project (EBVP), Vaccinogen’s in-house translational research group focused on leveraging the OncoVAX® patient-specific cancer vaccine platform beyond colon cancer. He assumed the position in September 2014.

The EBVP team will also be building a large library of fully-human monoclonal antibodies from blood samples procured during the company’s upcoming OncoVAX® clinical trial. The Vaccinogen HuMab library will provide the opportunity to partner with academic researchers and drug development companies to create novel diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive modalities for cancer treatment.

Dr. Howard completed his Ph.D. in Pharmacology with a focus on melanoma signal transduction at John Hopkins University. Intent on bringing novel pharmaceuticals to the clinic, his post-doctoral training involved the translational investigation of targeted agents, utilizing animal models and patient-derived samples to improve the treatment of HPV-positive head and neck cancer.

While at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Howard was recognized with the John G. Rangos Award for Creativity in Cancer Discovery for his proposal to generate a single vaccine system which could treat various types of malignancies.

Dr. Howard received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia.