• Rachel L. Hoover, MSc, MBA, Clinical Operations Director

Clinical Operations Director

Rachel L. Hoover, MSc, MBA, is the Clinical Operations Director at Vaccinogen where she is responsible for managing Vaccinogen’s ongoing clinical development programs, including maximizing the operational efficiency and management of the company’s ACTIVE phase IIIb OncoVAX® clinical trial.

Prior to full time employment in September of 2014, Ms. Hoover served as a consultant to the company beginning in October 2010. In this capacity, she was a key member of an international team of scientists and industry experts that successfully developed and initiated the ACTIVE phase IIIb OncoVAX® clinical trial in partnership with vaccine centers in the United States and Europe.

Before joining Vaccinogen, Ms. Hoover was a clinical manager and head physician assistant at Chatham Hospitalists, LLC practicing inpatient internal medicine. In her clinical leadership role, she focused on optimizing team performance, operations and driving profitable business results through her understanding of organizational behavior and operations management. Concurrently, Ms. Hoover served as an adjunct faculty member at South University in a graduate medical program and has extensive experience as a lecturer and clinical instructor.

Ms. Hoover holds a degree in psychobiology from Wheaton College and Master of Science degree from DeSales University, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Emory University.  Ms. Hoover also pursued advanced science studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where she performed research in a world-renowned brain injury research center. There she was a member of an international team of scientists and published multiple, peer-reviewed, primary research papers in addition to performing collaborative research in Finland.