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Vaccinogen is an industry leading patient-specific immunotherapy company with phase III data demonstrating that OncoVAX® reduces stage II colon cancer recurrence from one in three patients to one in ten. Vaccinogen expects to begin enrolling patients in an international phase IIIb confirmatory study (ACTIVE) in a larger group of patients who will receive patient-specific OncoVAX® doses processed with a patented, proprietary sterilization process.

Vaccinogen has developed an innovative, logistically efficient manufacturing process that makes personalized, sterile, tumor-based cancer immunotherapy a viable option for cancer patients worldwide.

OncoVAX® represents an opportunity to fundamentally change cancer treatment because it is not a single drug, or even a colon cancer-specific product. OncoVAX® is a process which could potentially be applied to different tumor types. Previous studies have also determined these clinical investigations will allow for further translational research: the isolation and characterization of cancer-specific, human monoclonal antibodies.